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    receiver or seperates ?

    so im setting up a home theater and wondered if a flagship receiver is best or pre amp, ect ?
    id like to stream internet movies, and music...

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    In my experience, it can work. However, I would rarely recommend a "Flagship" AVR for use as a pre/pro unless it has all the features you need and are willing to pay the money.

    My main reason is the amps in the AVR are not needed. Many of the higher-end AVRs have more watts pre channel, with very similar features to their lower-end products. With use as a preamp, the amps are not used, but you are still paying for them.

    What models are you considering? Do you have a power amp?

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    I'll always prefer the separates over Receiver's. Separates generally means a preamp/ processor and a separate power amp. (Also, a tuner if you so desire). A RECEIVER CONSISTS OF A PREAMP, AMP, Tuner. More often then not, the separates are a step above.

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    I have always been a preamp/amp man - over a receiver.

    With that said, what is my system built around now? A receiver from Marantz.

    I will likely be going back to the world of amps/preamps when my house is done. Looking at Krell and Classe.

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    Separates would also be my suggestion. These days there are lots of options for preamps, in a much wider price range.

    Home Theater Preamps used to be a $3000+ market but Marantz, Outlaw Audio, and others have broken that price barrier.

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    Thanks for all the input...
    Im starting from scratch....building a new alot of options..
    The room is around 15 x 20 and has big windows...not light will need a projector with alot of lumens ?
    Most movies will be at night, so light will not be much of an issue.
    The screen size can be from 100 to 120....and prefer to be motorized.
    I have Jamo in wall speakers that I can use or not....Id like to set up as a 7.2 system
    AV system will be combination internet music, and movies
    Was thinking about the integra DHC-60.5 and DTA 70.1 for the movies and another amp on zone 2 for outside speakers.....the other option is the Denon 7200 AV receiver to do it all ?
    As I said, Im starting from scratch, so any input on system is appreciated.

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    The Integra and Denon gear you listed, are all god choices. While your making comparisons, check out Outlaw Audio's site. They often have good deals on a Marantz preamp, bundled with one of their power amps.

    If you need a projector with good light output, the Epson 5030 off would be my choice. They also sell screens.

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    Thanks Tracy,
    Epson also has the 6030 and a few other projectors coming out with 4000, 5000 and 6000 lumens....Is the 5030 still the better choice ?

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    I'm not sure about new models, but the 6030 is the pro version of the 5030.

    They are the same spec-wise, but the 6030 has a black case and would come from an AV installer.

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    Steve125 - I do not disagree with any of the posts on this thread. I admire and respect the technical opinions of each of them but I have an alternative for you to consider. I have always been receiver oriented and was very happy with my 5.1 AVR based home theater until I upgraded about two years ago to a hybrid system. My upgrade purpose was a 7.1 HT with HDMI switching and I chose a Marantz AVR, just one step below their flagship. While the HT audio was stellar, I thought that my system's music replay needed a little help and I added a Crown XLS stereo amp to run my mains (through the Marantz preamps). The resulting hybrid HT blew me away. The mains now have power to spare with plenty of headroom left for my 5 surround speakers.

    I didn't like the idea of a 7 channel amp or multiple amps so, for me, the 7.2 channel AVR combined with a stereo amp worked really well. Whether a hybrid system is cheaper than separates will depend greatly upon your choice of components. Good luck with whatever system that you decide upon but my belief is that you will be happier with separates or with a hybrid system. I now tend to view most AVR based home theaters as more of a starter system, just my humble opinion.


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