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    Arrow buttons no longer work to switch between video sources

    I've got a Samsung 46" F8000, Oppo 103, PS Audio dac and external powered speakers. This is a problem that just arose when the TV and Oppo are cabled in parallel (vs. from cable box thru the Oppo). The remote is an Atlas OCAP-5 from the cable company (Charter) - Atlas OCAP DVR Set Up (1056).

    For the past several years, when I wanted to change source between TV and Oppo or other media player, I'd click the TV button, then Video Source, use the big dial's left-right arrows to move between HDMI-1 and HDMI-2, finally pushing the Select/Ok button in the center to complete the change. One can also wait and let the system make the change without the latter, but I usually got to the Select button first. Since early this week, that sequence hasn't worked. Now, when I bring up the Source menu and push an arrow key, I get the following message: "Your TV is set to use external speakers. Adjust the volume on the connected speakers directly." And when I then push Ok to exit that, the TV's Picture Mode menu comes up. There is a way around it by pressing the Video Source button repeatedly to move between items and then wait, but I'm wondering what might have happened here and how to get the left-right-select method back. Resetting the remote to the TV didn't solve it. Otherwise, the remote is working fine, including with the TV and cable box. Thanks,
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    I was going to say reset the remote, but you've tried that. Maybe it's a firmware issue with the TV.

    Is there an update available?

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    Try calling Charter and see if they will admit to changing something.

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    Firmware is up to date.


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