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    PSB Imagine X Speaker System Reviewed

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    Last week, a forum user was asking for more PSB speaker reviews. Well sometimes it's a case of ask and ye shall receive.

    Here's a bit of Bob Barrett's review of the Imagine X speaker system. The system reviewed consists of PSB's X2T towers, the Imagine XC Center, the Imagine XB bookshelf speakers, and the SubSeries 200.

    Respected Canadian loudspeaker manufacturer PSB and its founder/chief designer Paul Barton have built their reputation by creating high-performance, high-value products for AV enthusiasts. While I've had favorable impressions during brief auditions of PSB speakers at audio shows, I've never had the chance to spend time with PSB speakers in my own media room. What matters most, after all, is how a loudspeaker sounds in your own listening environment, so I was really excited when I was asked to review one of PSB's latest offerings, the Imagine X speakers.

    The Imagine X speakers incorporate trickle-down technology from PSB's more expensive models, but in a simpler cabinet design and at a more consumer-friendly price point. PSB is a company that believes not only in research and technology, utilizing the highly respected National Research Council of Canada to measure its speaker designs, but also in performing blind listening tests with real people to better understand what customers want from a loudspeaker system. For this review, PSB sent me a complete 5.1 speaker package consisting of the Imagine X2T towers ($649 each), the Imagine XC center ($349), the Imagine XB bookshelf ($499/pair), and a SubSeries 200 subwoofer ($649). Rounding out the lineup is a smaller tower speaker option called the Imagine X1T ($449 each). All Imagine X speakers are timbre-matched for setup as a home theater system, and these speakers are only available in a simulated black ash finish.
    Read the system review in its entirety on
    PSB Imagine X Speaker System Reviewed

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    Thanks for the post. Here are some links to Sound & Vision..

    PSB Imagine XB Speaker System | Sound & Vision

    I will add these to the official PSB speaker thread
    Main/2nd/3rd System
    AVR Yamaha RX-V1800/RX-V1900/RX-V1500
    Turntable ProJect Xpression III with Ortofon Red
    Cassette Deck Yamaha KX-800U/
    BluRay Yamaha BD-S681/Sony UBP-X800
    Media Player Iomega + 1TB internal drive/WD TV Live Plus + 3TB USB drive
    Display Samsung UN65KU6491 65"/UN55MU7000 55"
    Speakers Front:PSB Image T-45/400/Alphas,Center:PSB Image 8C/200C,Surrounds:PSB Image 1B/RBH A600
    Subwoofer Rythmic LV12-R/PSB Subsonic 6/5


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