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    getting frustrated

    Good evening,

    Ive recently got myself the following kit

    Samsung 55" curved TV 7100
    Samsung HW750 soundbar
    samsung M5 speakers x 2

    The issue i have is i cant seem to get the speakers to work as surround sound ?
    I have connected the TV to my Sky box via HDMI and the soundbar via TV connect.
    If i play music on spotify all speakers work fine as its over a wifi network,but i just cant seem to sort the TV out.

    I was wondering if i connect an optical lead from sky to soundbar will this fix the problem ?

    Any othe suggestions welcome

    Thanks in advance

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    Steve: Welcome, First, welcome to the Forum. Yes, I believe that will work for you. Or you can connect the Optical cable to the optical audio output on the back of your TV to an optical input on your Soundbar. Good luck. Let us know how it works out for you.
    If you do it the way I told you (the 2nd option, whenever you change inputs on the TV, it will go to the Soundbar).

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    Sounds like the simplest way would be to run the TV's optical output, into the soundbar's optical input. This way, no matter which source you choose on the TV, Sky Box, Blu-ray, or some internal app, you'll get sound going out of the TV and into the soundbar.

    This is exactly what I am doing in our family room system, except I am using a Denon AVR that powers my speakers. The concept is the same.


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