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    Novice Audio Setup Help for Large Room

    Greetings, oh great and wizened audiophiles,

    I am but a lowly uneducated audio novice and I am trying to set up a home theater in my converted 2-car garage. The room is 24' wide, 23' deep, and 8' floor to ceiling with the primary seating 15' from the screen wall.

    I will not be playing video games, listening to music, or watching TV shows. The audio setup will be for dedicated family "Movie Nights" only.

    I'm desperately trying to ride the razor's edge between a budget and quality system - a system that won't break the bank, but will provide a rich, deep movie-theater experience (at least to my novice ears).

    After a bit of superficial online research I THINK I've found something that will fit the bill, but since I don't really know what the heck I'm doing I've come to get your blessing. Here's my setup:

    Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR828
    Center: KlipschRC-62 II Reference Series
    Fronts: KlipschRF-82 II Reference Series Floorstanding Loudspeaker
    Surrounds: KlipschRS-62 II Reference Series Surround Speaker
    Rears: KlipschRS-62 II Reference Series Surround Speaker
    Sub: KlipschR-115SW 800W Powered 15" Subwoofer(with plans to add a second sub someday)

    I'm not concerned so much with "Is Klipsch the right brand for me?" I'm mainly wondering if these speakers are the right size. Will this be enough to fill such a large room? Is there anywhere I can cut corners? For example, can I replace the expensive RS-62 surrounds with RS-41 speakers? What if I only downgraded the rears?

    I beseech you. Help me, oh masters of sound, you're my only hope.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer,


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    Hey Ash, welcome to

    I don't think your front and center speaker choice will be an issue, in respects to filling that sized room. They are rated for 150 watts at 98db sensitivity, so they also won't be hard for the Onkyo you chose to drive.

    Moving from the RS-62 surrounds to the RS-41, is a question I'm not 100% sure I can answer.

    The RS-41 II has a much lower power handling capability. More sound is generally directed towards the front soundstage, but big action films can really put all your speakers to the test. If there was a way you could stick with the 62s, I would.

    Another consideration, since this is a garage, I would do as much as I could to dampen the sound. If your garage is like mine, it's going to be really reflective.

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    Thank you for your help. When I'm done with the garage it will be fully enclosed with laminate flooring mostly covered in large area rugs - I too am concerned with the acoustics in there.

    I have a few follow-up questions...I've had replies on other forums suggesting that Onkyo has had some reliability issues in their recent production runs. How do you feel about that?

    Also, I'm getting two camps of people offering opposing views on my speaker choices. On one side they say that I should absolutely stick with tower speakers if at all possible (and if it's in my budget). On the other side I'm being told that bookshelf speakers with a subwoofer are good enough, and will provide the same big theater sound.

    What's your opinion?

    Thanks again,


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    Onkyo did indeed have major issues with their AVRs. The problem was a digital sound processing chip that was located on the HDMI board would get cooked due to heat build up in the unit. This took, sometimes, years to occur.

    It happened to my TX SR-707, but covered a wide range of models and years. To Onkyo's credit, they did finally acknowledge the problem and are repairing the effected units, at no cost. It did take a large public outcry from owners on several AV sites, to make this happen.

    If you want alternatives to Onkyo, I would highly recommend Marantz and Denon, both of which I also currently own. Both of mine run much cooler than any Onkyo I have ever owned.

    As for towers vs bookshelf speakers, it's all personal preference. If you get good bookshelf speakers, mated with a good quality sub, there should be no real difference in sound quality for home theater.

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    Thanks for all your help & advice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ashhaas View Post
    Thanks for all your help & advice.

    Let's see some photos of that garage transformation. You should start your own thread in the Member's System section of the forum. I love those kinds of threads.

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    You should start your own thread in the Member's System section of the forum


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