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    TiVo Buys Aereo's Technology and Customer List

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    The folks at Aereo had a great idea. Capture the major networks's broadcast feeds, sell access to those feeds via Internet enabled devices, all for a reasonable monthly subscription fee. Too bad the Supreme Court said this practice was illegal, and shut the service down. Not too long after that decision, Aereo filed for bankruptcy.

    Today I read that the company's assets were auctioned off and Tivo was the high bidder. For less than two million dollars, Tivo now owns Aereo's name, logo, customer list, and other assets.

    According to the report on Multichannel's online publication, Aereo had about 108,000 subscribers at the time they were forced to end service. With Tivo and most every other company looking to entice "cable cutters", it will be interesting to see what becomes of that customer list and any technologies they bought.

    I signed up for the free trial of Aereo when it was first offered. While I could see the appeal of having access to my local broadcast networks if I traveled, using it in conjunction with a 60" LED yielded unfavorable results. I was especially interested in the fact that their basic service included a cloud DVR. Oh well, a bit too good to be true.

    Since I'm on the list, I'll update if and when I receive any correspondence from Tivo.

    Did anyone else sign up for the service?

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    I never signed up for the service but thought it was quite innovative in its thinking, but alas, big business wins again. They have the best government that money can buy.
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