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    DirecTV's 72 Hour Rewind

    DirecTV has been quietly testing a new feature. Imagine you forgot to record an episode of your favorite show and it is not available online. What do you do?

    With DirecTV's 72 Hour Rewind, it's no problem.

    With this new service, subscribers can watch any program that aired in the past 72 hours on 40 of the provider's most popular channels. The current line up includes the big four broadcast networks (CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC), A&E, The Cartoon Network, Bravo, E!, The Food Network, History Channel, The Cooking Channel, Lifetime, HGTV, MTV, Nickelodeon, OWN, Spike, TBS, TNT, TCM, OWN, The Travel Channel, TV Land, truTV, USA Network and Univision.

    That's a pretty impressive list and more are expected to be added.

    To watch a past program using this feature, hit the Guide button on your remote and look at the channel list. Any channel with a + by the channel number, is enabled with the 72 Hour Rewind feature. Pressing the Select button while on that channel, will take you to that channel's On Demand list where you can select a program to watch.

    Currently, this feature will work with the following DirecTV HD DVR models: HR24, HR34, HR44, the Genie Mini and the Wireless Genie Mini, and the box must be connected to the Internet.

    More information can be found on the DirecTV site.

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    Even with DVRs, scheduling mistakes happen. I think it will go over big for DirecTV.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k0rww View Post
    Even with DVRs, scheduling mistakes happen. I think it will go over big for DirecTV.
    I agree, live sports really mess up our recordings. You would think they could make adjustments on-the fly so delays won't cause you to miss part of your favorite programs. Maybe this is their solution.


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