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I also have a Denon receiver and use the Audyssey but here's what happens. If you have the volume at the subs too high when you run Audyssey it reduces the volume level from the receiver. The result is you now have a very low line level output. That is not what you want especially if you want to run a bass shaker amp for butt kickers or other shakers. You won't be able to turn the volume up enough on the shaker amp to get the action you want.

I ran into the same problem with XT32. SVS recommended I bump the Audyssey calculated values for each sub by 5 dB and rerun the 75dB test for each sub.

Bottom line: Next time you run Audyssey make sure the volume on the subs is turned way down so it sets up the output level from the receiver to a stronger level.

I have an SVS and an HSU sub.
I ran into the say problem with my two subs. SVS recommended that I bump the calculated dB value in the program's output for each sub by 5 dB. Then re-run the 75 dB calibration for each sub.

I haven't gotten around to lowering the subs output and rerunning the complete setup to see how the two approaches compare.