View Poll Results: Replacement speaker for Studio 100 v.5 Powered by Krell S550i

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  • B & W 803 Diamond

    1 25.00%
  • Focal 1028BE

    0 0%
  • Paradigm Signature 8

    3 75.00%
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    Junior Member
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    Jul 2015

    Undecided on Mains Upgrade

    Greetings, I am new to this for Forum and wish to draw upon the collective expeince of you in making a calculated upgrade of my Floorstanding speakers.

    Present set-up includes:

    Krell S550i Integrated amp ( 2-channel listening)
    Arcam AVR 400 Processor (Sub and rears)
    Arcam FMJ BDP 300 Universal Blue-Ray
    AudioQuest: Rocket 88 Speaker Cable
    : Water Analog component cables

    Paradigm: Studio 100 v.5 Speakers

    I have narrowed down my selection to the following, however, your insight would be very much welcomed and appreciated:

    Choices: B & W 803 Diamond
    : Focal 1028BE

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    Administrator Tracy Rainwater's Avatar
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    Sep 2003

    Two great speaker brands. It will be tough to choose without hearing them, and still may be a toss up.

    Have you demoed both sets of speakers?

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    Senior Member David Vaughn's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Northern, CA

    I've only have heard the B&W 803's...not the other two, so that's what I voted for.
    David Vaughn
    Technical Writer/Blu-ray Reviewer
    Sound and Vision Magazine

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    Administrator Tracy Rainwater's Avatar
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    Sep 2003

    I think Jerry had the Paradigms in his system before he moved.

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    Moderator jerrich's Avatar
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    Feb 2001
    Abq, NM, USA

    If not too inexpensive, I would toss in the Golden Ear 1's or 2's before making up your mind. They deserve their rave reviews imo.

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    Jul 2015

    Thank you all for your input. I have had the opportunity of listening to the 803 diamonds and all are in around the same price point, give or take $1,000.00, which by no means is chump change to me

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    Owner-Publisher Jerry Del Colliano's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    West Los Angeles, California

    I've owned Paradigm S8s which were AMAZING. A total bargain.

    I have Focal Diablo Utopias now (highest end bookshelf form factor speakers from them) with an SVS Sub. Very good.

    Both can run nicely off a 3w amp. They are even better on your Krell.

    You can't lose with either and B&W is no slouch either but a more laid back sound.

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    Senior Member 3dbinCanada's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Ottawa Canada

    I'm adding another option to your list

    Imagine T3 Tower - PSB Speakers
    Main/2nd/3rd System
    AVR Yamaha RX-V1800/RX-V1900/RX-V1500
    Turntable ProJect Xpression III with Ortofon Red
    Cassette Deck Yamaha KX-800U/
    BluRay Yamaha BD-S681/Sony UBP-X800
    Media Player Iomega + 1TB internal drive/WD TV Live Plus + 3TB USB drive
    Display Samsung UN65KU6491 65"/UN55MU7000 55"
    Speakers Front:PSB Image T-45/400/Alphas,Center:PSB Image 8C/200C,Surrounds:PSB Image 1B/RBH A600
    Subwoofer Rythmic LV12-R/PSB Subsonic 6/5


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