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    Administrator Tracy Rainwater's Avatar
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    Sep 2003

    OK, it looks like the 260 is one large IR "blaster". I actually found more info about it on Amazon, than I did on the URC site.

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    Tracy, look on eBay as well for some good deals. I just bought an MX880, MX780, and MRF-350 (RF base station) all shipped for under $200. I'm using the MX880 in a spare room and have been borrowing a MRF-260 for my main room (since painting the ceiling black, IR signals suck in the room now (less reflections), so I went with RF and LOVE IT). The MX780 is a spare I have, but my Mom may need a new remote since her Harmony One has been acting up lately. I thought the deal was too good to pass up so I bought them all
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    Anyone shopped for a universal lately? The pickings are getting mighty slim, incl. Logitech and urc. My logi 700 from Costco is dying and they don't have any. Dang.


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