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    Which DVD do you use? Does it have HDMI output?

    Quote Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
    Jeff, don't want to argue but thei picture on my DVD is superior to that of the laser. I played several movies and compared. The DVD was better. Honest!

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    When DVD came out in 1996 it was the only format that implemented anamorphic 16x9 which suited well the then 16x9 NTSC RPTVs that were able to implement the stretch function to maximize vertical resolution on anamorphic movies rather than using a large part of the 480 lines of vertical resolution for black bars. The resolution of DVD was from the start 480x720, superior horizontally to laser disc, equally on the vertical.

    Laserdisc intended to make available to the public the anamorphic format, Craig Eggers of Toshiba back then sent me the only 3 anamorphic movies available, which I still have and showed the improvement in image quality, but other than that LD only did letterbox for all widescreen movies, wasting valuable vertical resolution for the blacks bars that were embedded into the recording, like today's Bluray and 4K content.

    When there are only 480 lines of vertical resolution to play with, not 1080 of Bluray or 2160 of 4K, wasting about 25-30% of those with black bars on letterboxed movies was a big negative, reason by which the anamorphic idea was a step on the right direction but it was short lived.

    Regardless of the frame control features one can claim of laserdisc, DVD looked and still looks better and with better audio and video technology, and it's digital connectivity outperforms analog composite or SVideo, both difficult to find in modern equipment for the same reasons.

    Having said that, LD content that was never available on other formats still finds room on my time and HT, but not due to image or sound quality, not to mention the inconvenience of turning the discs manually or by the player interrupting a movie.

    Best Regards,

    Rodolfo La Maestra
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    I only disagreed with you on 1 point. Resolution of DVD vs. LD. Tracy believes they are about the same resolution. I hate to tell you this, Barry, but, I only wrote the 1st paragraph. The other paragraphs, I did not write, and they are merely facts about Lases disc. I don't really see an argument. I didn't "attack" you or anyone else, and I re- read the post several times, so please, enlighten me. Where did I attack anyone?>

    These are your words about an argument (you wrote it); "Jeff, not want to argue but the picture on my DVD is superior to that of the laser". You talked about an argument; not me.

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    I was basing my comment on that fact that I was seeing both LD and DVD as 480 sources. I'm wrong, but I did say "about".

    Rodolfo makes a point about DVD being anamorphic 16x9. LD was born into a 4:3 world, then being stretched into a 16:9 format. I can't say with any authority how they stack up in the real world.

    The sites I have seen list LD resolution as 425 lines as opposed to 480 for DVD. That would seem to suggest DVD having a slight resolution advantage on a 4:3 display. Viewed as widescreen, I would think DVD would be a clear winner, especially considering its digital output.

    Then there was Progressive Scan. Was there Progressive Scan with LD?

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    About 30 years ago I gave up trusting “specs” after reading so much of them in “Audio,” “Stereo Review” et all. They suggested that certain machines should sound alike, which they did not, and that some machines would be better and often weren’t. The articles also told me that CD would, from their beginnings, sound better than vinyl (they did not) and that DVDs would sound better than Lasers, (they did not)

    I began to trust my own eyes and ears.

    I have had a Pioneer Elite LDS-2, a pretty good machine. It was connected to my ML 40 by the svhs connection. My original DVD player was the Krell DVD Standard, connected by HDMI. Since the ML 40 did NOT upscale, the LDS was 480i, no progressive scan, while the DVD was 480p.

    Now, the LDS is connected to the Krell 707 by the RCA optical input and the Oppo 105 is connected by an HDMI. Both are upscaled to 1080p.

    Fifteen years ago the difference was there between the two units but as my viewing screens have gotten much bigger the difference is far more pronounced. The LD image reminds me of when, as kids, we used Silly Putty to take a comic strip image and tug on it make it larger. That picture, as well as the laser disc, becomes much softer, with less detail. The colors are FAR less saturated and even dull. In fact, the images often look faded. Again, it was better on the small screen, a 25 incher, but now that TVs are designed for wide screen and are far larger the difference is more pronounced. Rodolfo point is right, the LD looked stretched.

    The CLV Lasers, one hour per side, gave a slightly less picture than the 30 minute CAV. But 95% of the discs released were CLV.

    However, The Lasers had a CD sound whose fidelity was NOT matched on DVDs, although DVD had 5.1 sound. For a brief time toward their end, Laser Disc machines did have DTS 5.1.

    Blu Ray, in sound and fury, beats them all.

    Just a brief note: I had no reason to throw out my laser disc machine , so I kept. I have many discs, about 24 inches worth on my shelf, that have movies with features not duplicated on DVDs or Blu Rays. For example, I have the ORIGINAL, not re-edited Star Wars Trilogy; The combined Godfather Trilogy, and The early James Bond movies on Criterion, and 2001, which has commentary not duplicated. But the Godfather trilogy, 2 hours longer than the three originals and told in chronological order, look so bad next to the redone Blu rays that it is hard to watch.
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