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    Tivo's Bolt DVR Skips Commercials

    I remember buying my first Tivo and quickly thinking it was the best AV purchase I had ever made. Shortly after, I found the "secret button code" to transform the Fast-Forward butting into a 30-second skip. Nice !!!

    Now with Tivo's new Bolt DVR, you can skip entire commercial breaks with a single button press. The company calls this feature SkipMode, and it works with 20 of the provider's most popular channels, between the hours of 4PM and midnight. Here are the details.

    Bolt also has a feature called QuickMode which speeds up the video by 30% without altering the audio. So, if you are watching the Academy Awards and don't want to listen to all the "thank yous" but still don't want to miss anything, QuickMode helps you zip forward while keeping the pitch of the audio portion, unaltered.

    Bolt is 4K capable and can record off your cable provider, on-demand service, OTA, and OTT platforms. It includes four tuners so it can record four programs at once. The Bolt DVR is available now on the Tivo site, Amazon and Best Buy with a 500GB model for $299 (including a first year of service), or a 1,000GB model for $399, with your first year’s service included.

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    That sounds great for those too lazy to hold the FF button down during commercials!

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    Think of all the fat thumbs we'll be seeing now. No exercise from the couch anymore!
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    I wonder if Tivo will receive the same amount of legal jockeying that Dish did for their Hopper DVR.

    It seems like they do the same thing, in regards to the commercial skip feature.

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    Hi Tracy,

    In your endeavors to "cut the cable" did you ever find an acceptable DVR. The Bolt might fit the bill, except for the $600 lifetime or $150/year service fee. I would guess the technology life of a DVR is four, possibly five years. If true, this works out to $200 a year without accounting for any resale of the Bolt. I would need two, possibly three units.

    Effective cable cutting is a complicated ordeal, I wish someone would do the work for me.

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    I keep talking about dropping satellite service, but I doubt it will happen. It's just too convenient.

    This does sound like the ideal DVR since it will record OTA and OTT, with four tuners. I wonder how the program guide for those work.


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