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    The Cambridge also has the adjustable output, but I did notice also that neither is going to provide any EQ. It also appears that the Oppo and Cambridge units can not be configured for a 3.0 or 3.1 setup. This probably isn't an issue for many, but it's likely that I may be running in a 3 channel setup for a while before going to 5 channel.

    BTW, the folks at Polk replied and told me that their CSi A4 or A6 center channel speakers are a good match for the SDA speakers. They are readily available, so that's probably a good place to begin.
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    [QUOTE=rhythm;41662]. It also appears that the Oppo and Cambridge units can not be configured for a 3.0 or 3.1 setup.

    If you go the analog route, could you just use the outputs for 3.1, and leave the rest empty for now?

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    You really can't go wrong with buying either player, they are both pretty much equal in a lot of respects.

    One feature I like about the Oppo, I would have to check the C.A. to see if it has it, is a HDMI input. The Oppo has a great video scaling/processing chip and it uses that chip to also process any video going into the player, via its HDMI input.

    If the C.A. player has that feature, I would call it a draw. However, that feature may not be beneficial to you in your setup.

    The C.A. may have a very slight edge with analog audio, against the Oppo BDP-103.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrich View Post
    If you go the analog route, could you just use the outputs for 3.1, and leave the rest empty for now?
    That's what I would do, but I thought that I would also need some way to 'tell' the player that I'm only using three channels so that the audio information for the other channels would be mixed in with the channels that I'm using. Wouldn't it be 'lost' otherwise? When I took a peek at the user manuals for these units, it looked like you could tell them that you're running 2 channel, 5 channel, or 7 channel.

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    Tracy, the HDMI inputs are definitely a feature that I'm attracted to, and both units have them. With this feature, I was figuring I could run my satellite box to the player instead of the TV, and let the player upconvert the 1080i TV programming to 1080p.

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    I mentioned earlier in the thread that I'd post some pics, so I'm going to.

    Here is a shot of the current setup, flanked on each side by the mighty Polks:
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    Tracy, here's a picture of one of the Polks undressed:
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    And with regards to possibly adding more speakers beyond a center channel, here are some pictures to give some perspective of the room. The 'unseen' side of the room is basically open to the kitchen area, so no wall there. I don't think I can add side surrounds, but a pair mounted on the wall behind the sofa might work.

    Looking in from the kitchen:
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    The speakers and TV face the sliding glass door and larger sofa:
    Name:  IMG_1684.JPG
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    One more shot of the wall opposite the speakers and TV. I guess any surrounds would need to be mounted above the height of the slider, facing downward?
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    How about some in-ceiling speakers.

    GoldenEar Technology, Episode, and Noble Fidelity all make awesome in-ceiling models that won't break the bank. They all have magnetic grills to it basically hides the drivers.

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    I like the in-ceiling idea! We were considering putting up a curtain in front of the glass doors, and putting the speakers in the ceiling avoids a conflict with a curtain rod. I will start trying to get recommendations for a good installer.

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    I think I am going to try some in-ceiling speakers in the main theater. It's a basement room with a grid ceiling, so mounting and running cables won't be an issue.

    I have the itch to try all new speakers, for some reason.


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