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    Rhythm, your speakers appear virtually identical to their top of the line RTA12's from back in the day, except for the outboard crossover. I used to own a pair of these (but not the ones in the picture) and they were outstanding. Polk used to advertise pictures of their ability to reproduce square waves, a very hard test. I've wondered if Sandy Gross (Mr. Golden Ear) ever had a hand in their design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rhythm View Post
    That's what I would do, but I thought that I would also need some way to 'tell' the player that I'm only using three channels so that the audio information for the other channels would be mixed in with the channels that I'm using. Wouldn't it be 'lost' otherwise? When I took a peek at the user manuals for these units, it looked like you could tell them that you're running 2 channel, 5 channel, or 7 channel.
    Update: Took a better look at the user manual and noticed that for a 3.1 system, I could just choose the 5 channel setup from the menu, but then choose 'off' for each of the surround speakers when setting up the speaker sizes. With these turned off, I think the surround audio would then get mixed into the two front speakers and so essentially I'd have it set up for a 3.1 system with no loss of audio information.

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    AVRs with auto setup will do this for you automatically. Once you run the setup with the supplied microphone, it will generate test tones to each channel individually. If it doesn't hear the tones, it will mark that channel as off.

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    Hi Tracy, yes I figured the AVRs would take care of that, but I wasn't sure about the disc players such as the Oppo or the Cambridge. I was wondering about the possibility of using the multi-channel analog outputs from one of these players and thought that perhaps they couldn't be configured for a 3.1 setup. But it looks like they will downmix to whatever speaker setup you have, like an AVR would. In the end, I'll probably still have the AVR do the work, since automatic calibration routines can be used when using the AVR to do the setup.

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    OK I remember now. You were thinking about using the Blu-ray player as both source and preamp.

    Yes, you would have to manually turn those rear and surround channels off.

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    I'm reviving this thread again with a question about placement of the in-ceiling surround speakers. Referring to the pictures earlier in the thread, I'm figuring the the ceiling speakers would be placed over the sofa (that backs up against the sliding glass door). My question is about the separation. The left end of the sofa lines up pretty well with the left front speaker, but the right front speaker is a bit 'outside' of the other side of the sofa. So would it be best to place the ceiling speakers directly in line with each of the front speakers, or bring them in a bit towards each other so that they are both located over the sofa? Hopefully my question was clear. If not, feel free to ask for some clarification!


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    In your room, you would want the speakers to be mounted to the side, but lined up with, of the sides of the sofa. Normally I would suggest the rears be mounted at the same width as the main left and right, but you might want to go wider in your case.


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