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    A/V Receiver for 7.4.2 configuration

    Hi all,

    Trying to calculate the cost to upgrade to Atmos/DTS:X configuration. Currently I have a 7.2 system, so I would like to move to a 7.4.2

    Seems the only available is the onkyo NR-3030. Others require an extra 2-channel amp. I'm not really sure what that means but seems there is an extra two pre-amp output for speakers.
    Wonder is that "frankestein" is recommended.

    The other option is go to separates ... but that is crazy expensive at least brands like Marantz or Krell a 7 channel amp is like 2.5K and I would need two plus the pre-amp, plus the atmos speakers.

    What would you recommend ? Maybe other brands separates good but more affordable ? ... Maybe a AV Receiver that I'm not aware. Maybe is not time to move to Atmos/DTS:X and should wait until next year?

    Thanks and regards,

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    I bet we're about to hear about new AVRs, with Atmos and DTS:X, since CEDIA is just now wrapping up.


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