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    The "Joys" of Blowing Up Audio Gear

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    Just recently, a HTE member suggested using a Blu-ray player as a preamp. Now before you say it's not possible keep in mind that some mid and upper-end players actually have a variable audio output, but you do have to configure the player to work this way. Then you simply connect the player's analog audio outputs directly to your power amp.

    It sounds pretty simple and you have source direct audio, but beware. Failure to set this up properly, like not knowing how to utilize the variable output, will send 100% of your amp's available power directly to your speakers. We're talking, "Balls to the Wall".

    Funny that this tread was recently posted because, I just read Steven Stone's latest Audiophile Review story entitled, The "Joys" of Blowing Up Audio Gear. In it, Steven talks about all the times he has damaged audio equipment, once by this very scenario.

    Give it a read and see if you have committed any of these crimes against audio gear.
    The "Joys" of Blowing Up Audio Gear - Audiophile Review

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    There is something nice about blowing up a piece of gear every once and a while.

    I once threw a VCR (a big, old-school one) off the roof of a 3 story building. That felt pretty good too.

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    Luckily, I've never damaged a piece of equipment.

    I was once frustrated enough waiting on an early Blu-ray player, that I thought about causing it harm. I could hit the eject button to power it on, and nearly go to the kitchen and make a sandwich in the time took for the disc drawer to open.


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