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    Made a Subwoofer change - SVS SB13

    So I've had dual old school velodyne SPL 12s that I had for years, moved to the SVS pc12 plus water coolers in the corners, and then tried JBL E112's...

    All great subwoofers.

    But I downsized my system for a little while and now am building it back up.

    Truth is everything you have read about the SB13 from SVS is true. It's tight, accurate, has plenty of output and is musical all at once. I'm beyond impressed with this bad boy, and only running a single. I won't go into a big review as every single review out there raves about it, and it's deserved. It's just a phenomenal subwoofer. I was thinking I might need to get two just for even response, but for whatever reason, this subwoofer blends better with my mains even.

    IMO, it outperforms the JL audio e112 and comes at a lower cost. I would highly recommend it if you are on the fence. It's excellent.

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    Great sub. The only thing better would be running more than one.

    Let's see some photos.

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    Glad you are enjoying the sub. I really liked it when I reviewed it.
    David Vaughn
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    Sound and Vision Magazine

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    I got one with my Focals and LOVE IT.


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