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    Noble Fidelity - Great Product, Great Service

    I posted this on another site but hopefully ok to put it here, also.........

    I have been truly remiss in not putting this out here, much earlier, but as I am planning to purchase multiple pairs of speakers, for various uses, to place in a basement finish, I was reflecting back on building this house and the difficulty I went through in selecting speakers.

    I am not a professional reviewer nor dealer of AV equipment.....I'm your average consumer. I'm writing this because there have to be others like me who could benefit from a "lay person's" perspective.

    When we were under construction, the most stress for me came in deciding on which speakers to place in the house. I wanted "in ceiling" speakers, knowing that there would be some loss in audio quality, as we really did not have a place to put box speakers. All of the reviews I read led me to believe that there was not a good product, reasonably priced, that would produce top quality sound. I was planning to place 9 pairs of speakers in a house to "fill" it with music.....and watch a little TV. I was deploying Sonos connects and amps throughout the place as I loved the UI.

    Review after review informed me that I would not achieve my goal of top notch music from in ceilings. Then I stumbled across a post someone made about Noble Fidelity speakers. My audio world changed.

    I reached out to NF and asked to speak to someone about their speakers. The very nice lady said she would have someone call me back. A few hours later, a guy by the name of Greg Ford gave me a call. For an hour, we discussed what my goals were, the type of music I listened to, and the various events we like to host. Greg asked if I could send him a copy of the house plan to look at. I emailed it to him while we were on the phone and he stated that he would like to think about it and call me back the next day....which he did. During the next 30 minutes of phone time, Greg told me where to place the speakers, why they should be placed there, and that I did not need as many speakers as originally planned. We settled on L-85s for the Den and Kitchen, L-85 SPSs for the entry foyer, bathrooms, and small study, and some incredibly wicked outdoor speakers for the deck that still have the neighbors scratching their heads.

    My biggest challenge with NF was that there was not a dealer within 500 miles of me and I was having difficulty in buying speakers I had not listened to. Greg quickly put those fears to rest with the comment that if I didn't like them, send them questions asked. In addition, the cutouts for their speakers were a tiny bit smaller than most brands thus easier to change if I wanted to. The thought of sending them back has never crossed my mind.

    Greg sent me the construction brackets in advance of the speakers which made installing them a breeze. I was able to install all of these speakers by myself.

    I could not wait to fire them up and when I finally did, the only word that came to mind was WOW. I, literally, sat on the floor for 2 hours streaming all of my favorite songs through this array of speakers. The clarity and depth of sound that these speakers produce is simply, amazing. I wired the main rooms for in wall subs but never needed them. The 15 degree tilt on the L-85s literally fill the room with music and due to the placement, as you walk from one room to another, you do not notice leaving the proximity of one set of speakers and moving towards another. I have been in a lot of houses loaded with very high end speakers and they don't come close to what I have here.

    It's been 18 months since the first notes poured out and filled my home with luscious sound and there's not a week that goes by that I do not stop and smile at how lucky I am to have discovered Greg and Noble Fidelity.

    As I wrapped up my engagement with NF, I asked Greg for his boss's name so that I could send a note of appreciation and job well done on his behalf. That's when I found out he owned the company. Why would he spend so much time, with a single customer, convincing that customer to buy less? According to Greg...."That's what I enjoy".

    What an incredible experience, as a customer, this was. Not only did I get a kick ass product, I received tremendous service that, by far, would exceed the expectations of the toughest critic.

    That's why I'm getting ready to buy some more.

    On their website they have a little phrase I think sums this all up:

    "Live Well. Live with Music"

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    I love Noble Fidelity speakers. They are part of a small group of AV manufacturers that truly care about the people who own their products.

    If I were looking to add in'ceiling speakers, and I am seriously considering it for the surrounds in my theater, they would be at the top of my list.

    Let's see some photos.


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