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    So, I'm going Jimi Standard tonight on the JBL S3900's...

    i've had my new (to me) JBL S3900's for 5 days now. Feel I finally have the room positioning correct, or darn close. I've always 100% agreed with Jerry's article on the "Jimi Standard" applies.

    I've always liked a lot of what horns can do... but don't always love the brightness at louder levels.

    These JBL's are remarkably smooth yet dynamic and live. Eventually I will get around to an in-depth review on them. But suffice it to say... Jimi Standard testing is going quite well tonight. I am about 6 songs deep. They really are a great rock speaker thus far. They do like to have the engine revved though...

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    I think Jerry owns the rights to "The Jimi Standard". Expect a letter from his lawyer.

    Seriously, if your speakers can't handle and sound good with classic Rock, move on.

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    Stick with the Jimi Standard people. Its rock solid.

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    Last night I had my own little take on the Jimi Standard... it's the "holy shit, my Van Halen collection actually sounds GOOD".

    So DLR VH is easily one of my favorite bands of all time and the soundtrack of much of my childhood. But I've always felt the recordings sucked. I've felt that the remastered CD's - still suck.

    These JBL S3900's... are the first speaker that I actually thought my Van Halen collection sounded good. I listened to most of the first 6 VH CD's (ripped to my server, and these were the remasters but not the HD) over the past few days. It was awesome. Now these JBL's are not the utmost in resolution. They are musical, they image, and they sound big. They are NOT harsh like every other horn I have heard. It's an almost odd combination of warmth, but dynamics and a very big full sound. Instruments sound right. I was very pleased. They also sounded good and didn't hurt when I took it to 105db's a few times.

    I wouldn't tell you that these are an "audiophile" speaker. It's strange. They are damn nice, they do a ton correctly and things I like very well. What is also nice is what they don't do great... it doesn't bother you.

    I've not heard the big tektons, but I suspect while they might be less refined than these, it's a similar experience.


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