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Hi Tracy,

I have a long history with URC, starting with the MX-500, 700, 850 and finally the MX-980. I purchased my 1st MX-980 in 2007 without software. I learned to program the MX-980 by trial and error. In 2008 I purchased my 2nd MX-980 for the CCP software making things easier but not easy. I completed the programming foundation a long time ago and only update hardware as necessary. I have incorporated the URC MRF-350 RF to IR converter and a Smarthome Insteon controller. I have taken good notes or otherwise I would have to relearn everything all over again, and may have to anyway.
OK, the way I read your earlier post was that you were going to buy the 980. I knew you had some earlier URC remotes.

Luckily, I was able to obtain a copy of CCP and bought my remote and IR module dirt cheap off Ebay. I found programming with CCP totally counterintuitive when compared to using Logitec's software. David was kind enough to send me down the right path.

Now that I have it about 95% to my liking, I may be able to muddle through doing it again. I still have to tweak a few things but it can wait until after the holidays.