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    From what I've read, that member of the Stark family that you refer to (who was ignored all last season), will be more prominent this year. I personally think his "gift" will be used with one of the dragons that are in play. The next book in my reading queue is the first book of the series.
    It's not Brandon. Since you haven't read the books I bet we are talking about two different Starks.

    However, I hope they do Bran's story justice in the HBO series.

    The only Stark that both fans of the books and HBO versions are clueless about is Rickon. It's like Martin temporarily forgot about him.

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    The wife and I finally watched the season six opener last night.

    I liked the pre-show catch up, as it reminded me exactly where season five left off. Overall it was a decent episode, but 95% of it moves forward from the last book. Don't get me started on differences in the individual story lines. You'll see if you start reading the books.

    Exceptions, that I can think of are:

    • Jon Snow is dead.
    • The Boltons have control of Winterfell.
    • Aria is transformed into the blind girl.
    • Cersie has been freed, but Queen Margaery and Ser Loras Tyrell are still locked up.
    • Tyrion has gone looking for Daniarius but the story line is totally different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Vaughn View Post

    Not only did their app crash, but the Comcast feed was utter crap with a shitload of banding and an overall flat presentation. I think the demands on Comcast for the premiere were more than their network could handle as well. Probably the single worst presentation I've watched via HD cable--ever!
    We have DirecTV and the video presentation was solid. I wouldn't say that it was reference Blu-ray kind of video, but it was pretty good.

    No banding and even the parts that I assume were CGI looked pretty darn good. Sorry your experience was not as good.

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    Watched "Paper Towns" on HBO last night with a plethora of compression/banding issues. It must be the channel on my system. Nothing beats Blu-ray, that's for sure.
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    Seeing how HBO is a premium channel that you would normally pay extra for, I am surprised the video would be that bad.

    Since you threatened to leave Comcast, maybe you have HBO Lite.


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