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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Rainwater View Post
    If you have a little more cash to spend, the Ultra Bookshelf speakers are truly had to beat.

    SVS Ultra Bookshelf | High End Home Audio Speakers:
    I was thinking about getting towers so getting Ultra Bookshelf speakers just to move them back to surround status seems like I would be wasting some money. Can the Prime and Ultra be mixed? What about a pair of Ultra towers and an Ultra center but only Prime surrounds? Does that compromise anything?

    Addendum: Looks like they can. I found this on another forum.....

    "I called SVS and talked to them about both systems and also about mixing them......I'm leaning towards Prime Towers, Ultra Center, and either the Ultra Bookshelvesof Surrounds, all paired with dual PB-2000s......... SVS informed me that they designed the Primes to be easily intergrate with the Ultras with the idea that most folks would buy the primes and upgrade to the Ultras one set/piece at a time. They also mentioned they designed the Prime system to provide 80% of what the Ultras the question is then is that extra 20% worth $1,000....."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Rainwater View Post
    I understand about not knowing which speakers to buy due to a future move.

    What I would do providing budget allows, is to buy quality speakers to use in the front soundstage, that could easily be used as surrounds if you move to a larger room. The SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers come to mind.

    SVS Prime Bookshelf Speakers | High End Home Audio

    When mated with a quality sub, these speakers would be killer as a front left, front right, or center channel speaker. They really are good enough to build all your channels off this one speaker. However, if you decided to add tower speakers, they would easily work in the rear or surround position.

    Only $249 each, so they aren't total budget killers, and you can try them for 45 days without obligation. Just a thought.
    They seem like nice speakers but I wish they weren't black or white in color.......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael View Post
    They seem like nice speakers but I wish they weren't black or white in color.......
    When you get into other finishes, is when the real money is spent. SVS, like GoldenEar, don't dabble much is exotic finishes. The money you spend is in the speaker's performance.

    I know that Jerry and I talked just recently about this. There are some really nice furniture-grade speaker finished out there. However, you are paying for that level of cosmetic refinement. If you are into that, it's available from manufacturers like Wilson, Focal and others. Tekton Designs offers really great speakers in black, but also offers automotive-grade painted finishes.

    Tekton Design LLC, LoudSpeakers

    I would love to have a pair of their Pendragon towers.

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    I see World Wide Stereo is having a sale on the Klipsch Reference Premiere Wireless speaker systems. What are your thoughts on wireless speakers? From what I've read, each speaker has it's own amp so you wouldn't need a power amp. Is this something that's worth looking at?

    Klipsch Reference Premiere HD Wireless

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    I know nothing about wireless speakers, except for the smaller ones like Sonos and B&W's Zeppelin. Hopefully someone else can advise you.

    I do know that Klipsch make some great speakers. I do question if they can stream the music wirelessly at full frequency. I couldn't find any mention to the frequency response, and I I know that some of the wireless subwoofers, do not play as low as I would want in a home theater.

    It would be worth it to do some serious research before buying.

    You can buy some really great traditional speakers for about the same money.


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