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    Which crossover frequencies

    I have a center JBL center speaker, two three way Cerwin Vegas fronts with crossover freq 350hz to 12' woofer, a midrange and a tweeter. Everyone recomends 80hz crossover to the subwoofer, I don't use a subwoofer. Center and rears are set to small and fronts set to large. Right now center and rears crossover at 80hz. But that seems to leave some lower sounds on the front, depending on the movie. What would be the best crossover from center and rear speakers to the fronts and get the best bass sound when playing movies?

    My reciever allows different settings for center and rears. thanks.

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    It sounds like your center and rear speakers may not be capable of handling all the lower frequencies, especially at a higher listening level. I would try raising the crossover to around 120 Hz and see how that works.

    If you are not running a sub, and have it disabled in the receiver's setup, raising the crossover should send more of the lower frequencies to the speakers that are set to large.

    I'm not sure if this exactly answers your question, but it's what I would do. If it doesn't sound right, you can always experiment with a different crossover setting.

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    Yes. This answered my question. My Center can handle lower frequencies, but I would rather have lower sounds coming from my woofer. I think they sound better. I'll make some changes and see how that works. Thanks for your reply.


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