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Guitar manufacturer Fender can now add headphones to the list of products that carry the company name.

When some companies look to increase their product line, they often licence the name to third parties. It would be pretty easy to simply slap the Fender name on the side of some low-cost headphones made in China. However, this isn't the case.

Fender has acquired small pro headphone company Aurisonics and they are producing the company's new headphone line. Aurisonics is a Nashville-based company that many haven't heard of. They specialize in headphones for the pro music industry and serious audiophile community.

Even before the Fender deal, Aurisonics produced 3D printed in-ear headphones that cost a fraction of a full custom set. Musicians have flocked to the company's products because the 3D printed design is both comfortable and due to the way they are printed, reject outside noise better than some super-expensive headphones. Aurisonics scanned the ears of a large group of people and then used those scans to produce a 3D printed in-ear shell. This design allows a comfortable fit and the noise rejection that most musicians are looking for.

The new in-ear models start at $99 and sport metallic "paint jobs" that match some of the company's custom shop guitars. Read more in an article on Engadget.