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Amazon is looking to give Youtube some competition. The on-line retailer has announced a new service that will work in conjunction with their Prime Video service.

Amazon Video Direct will allow users to upload and share video content, much in the same way as Youtube does. The difference is that like Amazon Instant Video, the videos will only be available on devices that stream Amazon's Instant video service. Users that upload content will be entitled to royalties for each minute users view their content.

TWICE reports that some companies are already working with Amazon to provide additional content to AVD.

Conde Nast Entertainment, HowStuffWorks, Samuel Goldwyn Films, The Guardian, Mashable, Mattel and Business Insider, among others.

AVD content will be available for free to Amazon Prime subscribers, and as an add-on subscription with both one-time rental and purchase prices. Ad-supported versions will be available to all Amazon consumers.
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