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    Sears Kenmore Elite 4K Televisions

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    Yes, you read the title correctly; Sears is now selling an entire line of televisions under the Kenmore name.

    While doing a little dishwasher research, I noticed that Sears has added and entire line of HDTVs that are wearing a Kenmore and Kenmore Elite name tag.

    The Kenmore line consists of a 32" 720p, a 40" 1080p, and 50" 1080p LED display that are selling for $199.99, $299.99, and $399.99 respectively. The Kenmore Elite line is made up of three 4K models. The 50" is $749.99, the 55" is $849.99, and there is a 65" model for $1499.99.

    The 65" 4K model has the following features listed on its product page.

    • Five picture modes (standard, dynamic, movie, user, game) allow for a customizable viewing experience every time
    • LCD display with dynamic LED backlight creates high contrast and vivid color
    • Two audio power speakers with 8 watts each power the Kenmore Elite UHDTV’s surround sound experience
    • Dolby Digital enhances sound from digital sources like downloaded movies and music, as well as connected computers, smartphones and tablets
    • Smooth Motion 120 provides ultra-smooth clarity during action sequences
    • Three HDMI 2.0 ports feature HDCP encrypted content security
    • One USB input supports most standard media formats (JPEG, BMP, PNG, MPEG4, H264, MOV and MP3)
    • Multilingual on-screen display (English, Spanish) provide added convenience to bilingual users
    • V-chip parental control allows users to restrict content based on program ratings, as well as check ratings of unfamiliar programs
    • Remote control with navigation pad allows users to quickly and easily access various settings (batteries included)

    I'm not sure who's making them, but the price points are certainly attractive. Has anyone seen one in action?

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    It's been years since I stepped foot in a Sears, so no, I haven't seen one
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    Come on David. It's a Kenmore, solid as Sears.

    We need an in-store review. Take your reference Blu-rays and calibration equipment.

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    First, when I saw the thread, I thought it was a tv on a fridge..

    I am assuming some unknown Chinese manufacturer is doing the heavy lifting..
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    I suspect most of the LED and LCD panels are made in China these days. As for these, I feel confident the entire display is. However, it doesn't mean it can't be a good display.

    Personally, I'm waiting for the Craftsman branded line to come out. Every tool guys knows if you buy a Craftsman tool and it breaks, Sears will replace it.

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    I have had so much trouble buying stuff at Sears that I'm glad I never have to go there again. Their salesman, treated me as if I was an inconvenience because I was breaking up their conversations about ball games and such. They have no need to pay attention to customers there . I am so surprised they're still in business.
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    Can this TV wish my underwear?

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    You can wish for whatever you want!
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    apparently they are being made by LG

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr c View Post
    apparently they are being made by LG
    I haven't done any research into the Kenmore displays since I posted this article. However, it wouldn't surprise me if they were made by LG. Sears doesn't actually make any of their electronics or appliences. Like many others, they partner with an established manufacturer and slap their nameplate on the front.


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