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    Spam Private Messages

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    Hey folks. Is anyone getting spam Private Messages on the forum?

    I'm not but I have noticed something curious lately. I monitor the forum several times a day and I have noticed several nonactive users sending Private Messages, usually via Tapatalk. It's the same handful of users, but I haven't heard any complaints and they don't show up on my known list of Spammers. This may be something in the way the forum software interfaces with Tapatalk, but I want to be sure.

    If you receive anything via PM that you consider spam, please let me know. Like I said, I haven't heard anything but I am finding this occurrence curious.

    Please keep me informed. Thanks.

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    OK, I just logged onto the forum using Tapatalk.

    After a few moments, it showed me as Private Messaging, although I was simply browsing the forum. So, this seems like a non-issue but please report any and all suspected spam to me.

    Thanks again.


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