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    My Amp Just Died (Sunfire Repair Guy Info)

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    I've just had a death in my AV family. My trusty Sunfire Cinema Grand II just passed.

    Born around 2001, this amp has been the cornerstone of my home theater. After calling Sunfire earlier, I found out that they can no longer repair this amp and that I have to send it back to its creator, Bob Carver. While I know it will be in good hands, I am bummed at its loss.

    I suppose I'll be installing an old Onkyo AVR until I get it back. On the bright side, maybe Bob will sign the front face.

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    We need to have a moment of silence over the passing of this amp. Tracy will have many moments of silence.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
    Tracy will have many moments of silence.
    Hardy, har, har.

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    Interesting, let us know how this turns out. You might have to check out some of Outlaws deals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrich View Post
    Interesting, let us know how this turns out. You might have to check out some of Outlaws deals.
    I am going to have it repaired, but am considering a new amp at the same time. I'm not dissatisfied with the Sunfire at all. However, it may be time for a change, just for the sake of change.

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    I found The Sunfire Guy, Bill Flannery. Apparently he's one of the very few people who are considered Sunfire Repair Gods.
    Flannery's Vintage Audio Repair

    Bob Carver says,
    I would like whoever reads this to know that Bill Flannery is by far the very best technician, bar none, bringing Sunfire electronics to their original factory specifications. To my knowledge, he is the only factory – trained, scientifically oriented, technician with eight years experience. Bill knows his stuff! Often, I (Bob Carver, the designer) would find myself stumped on a particular unit, and guess what? Bill knew all the answers and I didn’t. I could go on and on. I admire Bill for is ability to fix Sunfire amplifiers, subwoofers and processors and have them STAY fixed, for his speedy and accurate repairs and return to customers. Bill Flannery is the very best there is! Honest.
    So, I'm off to find a larger box to double-box my amp and send it off for repair. I think it's pretty high praise coming from the guy who started the company and designed the amp. I only wish he wasn't about as far from Georgia you can get in CONUS.

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    Well the amp is back, it's been back actually.

    I must say that Bill Flannery was a pleasure to deal with on this repair. We had two phone conversations as well as a few via email. He was very professional and personable and kept me informed at every step of the process.

    In the end, he replaced all the electrolytic capacitors. I expected him to replace them on the power supply as this was where the main problem was, but he went the extra mile to make this amp better than new by upgrading all of them with Panasonic audio-grade caps, which are better grade than what was there to start with. There were also a few other things that he did to further bulletproof my amp.

    I have been really busy since it has been back, but I did listen to a few tracks off my music server and watched part of a movie last night. The really loud hum from all speakers is gone, in fact this thing is dead quiet. From day one, I heard slight system hiss in my 4 ohm speakers. You would have to literally have your ear next to the tweeters to hear it, but it was there. Now, the amp is dead quiet. At the very least, it has a lower noise-floor than before.

    Even though Bill specializes in Sunfire products, having worked for Bob Carver, he repairs all types of equipment. If you need a repair, I would highly recommend contacting him especially if you are on the west coast.

    Flannery's Vintage Audio Repair


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