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    2016 Adventures in Vinyl

    As you may have read, my home theater amp died a few days ago. So rather than reinstall one of my boxed Onyko AVRs, I thought it might be a good time to revisit some of my old record collection. Who am I kidding, I may still use the Onkyo for a HT fix, but I thought the vinyl distraction might be fun.

    Now I fully agree with Jerry and others that the format is a bit limited. It has a much higher noise floor, discs wear as you play them, and vinyl simply does not have the "capacity" for the same dynamic range as any digital media, but that's a whole different thread.

    To me, vinyl has history. The backstory about each album in my collection has meaning and spinning the disc brings back memories. Add to that the tactile action of taking the record out of the cover and sleeve, and reading the liner notes makes for an enjoyable distraction from life.

    So I'll start off my giving an overview of my equipment.

    1. Turntable - Technics SL-Q300 Direct Drive Turntable

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    I bought this turntable at Wal-Mart, of all places. I worked there my Junior and Senior year of High School. It was the summer before my Junior year when the Electronics Department marked these down to $85 in a clearance sale. With my employee discount and sales tax, I paid $81.09. There were three of them and I bought all three since I had two buddies who wanted the others.

    I have played countless record on this turntable. I only recently, after 32 years or so, bought a new stylus for it. I haven't used it much since CDs came out, but I noticed that the needle was really worn. Luckily I found an OEM Audio Technicia replacement at a local music store. This place has been in business since the 70's and the guy just happened to have one.

    2. Stereo Receiver - Radio Shack Realistic STA-2000

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    I remember when my Dad brought this beast home back in the early 80's. We really didn't have a nice stereo but we all loved music. Best I can tell it was manufactured in the late 70's and is 75 watts per channel. We originally had them mated with a pair of Realistic Mach One speakers, a Realistic turntable, and Realistic 8-Track recorder. I loved the STA-2000/Mach One combo. The speakers had 15" woofers and horns for the tweeter and midrange. The STA-2000 was pretty solid......can you say Rock The House?

    Yes, I got into plenty of trouble for playing it too loud.

    3. Speakers - DCM CX-17

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    These bookshelf speakers were produced by the old DCM Corporation, designed by co-founder Steve Eberbach. The speakers are a ported two-way co-axial design. The co-axial part means that the .75" ferro-filled tweeter is mounted on top of the 6.5" woofer. While it may seem like a strange design, it is also used by other manufacturers, namely Tannoy to create a single point for the sound to originate from. The thinking is that any single sound in the real world radiates from a single point in space. This design attempts to replicate this, thus creating better imaging.

    I could easily use my main tower speakers, DCM Time Window Sevens, but they are 4 ohm speakers and I didn't want to over tax the receiver given its age.

    So.........on to my first record.

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    Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits

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    I have to admit, I wasn't really into Dylan in my younger years. However, I find that I like him a bit more these days. He is truly more of a poet and certainly THE poet of his generation.

    I didn't buy this album. I was in the photography business from 1990 - 2010. I had a client that owned a set of mini storage buildings and he had a building filled with photography equipment that he was looking to sell. In addition to the photography equipment, there were a few records in the mix and this was one of them.

    The cover is worn but the record is in really great condition, especially since it is from 1966 and was stored in a non climate controlled storage building for a very long time.

    Anybody here like Bob Dylan?

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    Anyone here not have Blue Oyster Cult's, Fire of Unknown Origin? This is one of my favorite albums in my collection.

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    America - A Horse with No Name

    This is another one of the storage building finds. I was a fan of the group even before acquiring this album. Released in 1972, songs like A Horse with No Name, I Need You, and really the rest of the album take me back to a time when life was simpler.

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    Herb Albert- Rise

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    This album came out in 1979 and I probably bought it the next year. Unless you are a fan of Jazz or are a band geek, you most likely don't know who Herb Albert is. I started playing trumpet my fifth grade year and Herb Albert and Doc Severinsen were the only two famous trumpet players that I knew about. Well Louis Armstrong too, but Rise is the first album by a trumpet player that I laid eyes on.

    As far as I know, Rise is the only hit from the album. I'm sure you've heard it before.


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