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We all most likely have a wireless speaker of some sort in our homes. They come in many different price and performance levels.

Recently, French manufacturer Devialet claims they have developed a wireless speaker that they claim is "the best wireless speaker in the world". The company's Phantom is an odd-looking device whose Gold version can pump out 4500 watts at 108 decibels of sound.

All that power is produced by Devialet's Analog Digital Hybrid amp technology, one that is said to take advantage of digital's muscle and analog's musicality. The company apparently uses a similar amp design in their $30,000 stereo amp. While 4500 watts is pretty impressive, the company also lists the Phantom's frequence responce as 14Hz - 27kHz. That's better than most traditional full-sized speakers that I have seen.

The Phantom Gold sells for $2990 but there are two others in the Phantom line. The Silver goes for $2390 (3000 watts) and the entry White model is $1990 (750 watts).

For more information or to find a retailer to demo the Phantom, visit the company's website.

There's no place to demo this near me so someone has to go and report back.