I had to upgrade my old Series 3 to a Roamio in order to stay on Comcast after their local MPEG-4 switch a couple of months ago. The Roamio works great and I love the 4 tuners. I went with the much cheaper basic instead of the pro, because TiVo gave me a $25 deal on the basic versus $399 for the Pro, plus I had the lifetime membership of $299 added on top. The bad thing about the basic is that you can't stream shows outside the home, which sucks, so I just bought a TiVo Stream to add to my system. It took minutes to install and I was able to test it's streaming capabilities outside the home this week. Needless to say, I love it! I was able to be gone all week and not have to "catch up" on the shows that I missed while I was gone. Instead, I downloaded each of them over the hotel wifi and watched them all on the airplane on my trip home (on my iPad). What a great time saver!

The interface is easy to use and I really like it a lot.