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    Tivo Series 3

    My faithful series 3 suddenly started missing several of my Comcast HD channels, up in the 800 range. When I called Comcast to complain, they said it was not their fault, but the networks. They had switched to mpeg4 or something and the old 3 could not cut it. Dang. Long story short, I had to buy another Tivo, a series4 refurb, with 1T memory and only one mcard needed for digital cable. It was $350 with a lifetime sub. I believe David is still using a 3. Any problems?

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    I had to upgrade to the Roamio in August for the same reason. TiVo offered me a refurb for $25 plus $299 for the lifetime. First thing I did when I got it (and verified that it worked) is swap out to a 2TB Hard Drive. I've been using it now for 3 problems. I also sprung for a TiVo Stream in order to watch shows when I travel.

    My Series 3 is now in my daughters dorm room. The service doesn't work with the dorm TV, but it gets all the channels and she has to manually record them, but she hasn't had any issues with it there.
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    Glad you got a good deal from Tivo too. I put my 3 on craig's list, but no nibbles yet.

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    I miss having Tivo but they won't work with DirecTV.


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