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    Is anyone else addicted? It's a total mind fuck, but I love it! There are some amazing actors and truly twisted storylines. Anthony Hopkins is especially twisted.

    Truly a great series with lots of life ahead of it... at least I hope.

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    I don't have HBO but I have heard good things about the series. I'll have to see if it's on Amazon Prime.

    What season is the show on?

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    Others have suggested it to me.

    My wife and I are watching what I believe will be the end of The Affair. You'd like that one Jim. No zombies but lots of waspy-hot chicks and a pretty twisted premise.

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    Check it out guys. Cliffs notes: Westworld is a playground full of "robots" which cannot hurt humans, and also are designed to please humans. There are a handful of robots with code which makes them have memories and start to figure out that they are not truly free. They begin to fight back.

    Lots of violence, sex and some twisted humans fighting over control of the park. It's awesome.

    I'll check out The Affair Jerry.

    Tracy - check out HBO Now. It's streaming only for $15/mo, plus I think they are offering the first month free. Chromecast it or load it up on your TV and you can get through the first season in a weekend. It's pretty addicting.


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