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    20 Plus Years of CES

    Man, I feel old... I am at 24 years now but I never got the badge before.

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    You're officially an old fart now. Think of how many miles you've walked in those 24 years!
    David Vaughn
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    The OLED's are out of control!!! New players joining LG are Samsung and Sony that ive read about so far.

    If u have twitter follow @engadget

    Here is the link to their piece on LG's 65" OLED where the tv IS the speaker!! What?! Crazy stuff.

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    OLED's are the wave of the future. They are so much better than anything I've ever seen.

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    More competition means less price!

    Samsung UN75F8000 LED TV, NAD T-777 (7.2 Receiver), Oppo 103 Blu Ray Player, Sony PS4 Gaming Console, Panamax MR-5100 Surge Protection, 7 Paradigm Reference series 8" in ceiling speakers (AMS-150R) - 30 degree tilting speakers, 2 Paradigm SE Subs. Pictures here.

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    OLEF IS BEST. UHD, not so much. Even SUHD ain't as good. They all ( except OLED) USE DIMMING? edge lit, etc. That's just a crutch.

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    I haven't checked specs on all UHD LED (non-OLED) displays, but I find it hard to believe that they all would take a huge step backwards and use edge lighting.

    Even some of the mid-priced 1080p LEDs used full-array backlighting, with the better ones having multiple independently dimmable zones.

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    I see Samsung has a QLED TV Whats that about? Boy the older i get the more confused i get!!

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    Back ligjting is a thing of the past, whether it's edge lit? backlit, etc. OLED uses no backlighting. Each pixel can individually go totally black, all the way to very brigjt. That is why it's contrast ratio is the best & can go to total black if necessary. OLED also has infinite contrast ratio & the best color & off axis viewing.

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