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    Movies that I love: The Squeals…

    Movies that I love: The Squeals…

    Movies have always had remakes and sequels, but every generation things that they are the one with the most. The Wizard of Oz and Ben Hur we love were remakes. And off course, the Bride of Frankenstein was a sequel. Sometimes if a movie isn’t related in its title, (Bride of./.. Son of….) we call it a series. Was From Russia with Love a squeal to Dr. No or a series? And does it make a difference.

    Often bad sequels are forgotten. I forgot the name to the squeal to the Summer of 42 and Weekend at Bernies. There was the forgotten Return of the Blob and Grease II, Speed II, Exorcist II, Matrix II, In Like Flint, and so on.

    But I was thinking what squeals, or second in a series were about as good as the first. And rarely is the third one good at all.


    I liked Bride of Frankenstein as much, as the original.
    Godfather II was as good as I. (III was terrible.)
    The Empire Strikes Back was the best of the original trilogy, but I thought Return of the Jedi was as enjoyable as the first one. People disagree. The next three were awful, BUT DO THEY COUNT AS A SECOND SET?)
    Star Trek II was better that the first, but III wasn’t bad. IV was great.
    Aliens was every good as Alien but very different.
    Terminator II was even better than I.
    Captain America II (and III) were just as good as the original.
    The Donner edition of Superman II is terrific. (But Superman III? IV?)
    Liked Spiderman II, (not III and none of the Amazing)
    Toy Story II was wonderful
    Before Sunrise and Before Sunset are fine movies.
    The Dark Knight was a good follow up to Batman Begins.
    Oh yes, I loved From Russia With Love.

    What Number IIs did you like as much...or even more?
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    Great list Barry. I agree with you on your number 2 list there so will not repeat.

    airplane 2 -- it is just as funny as the first one.

    back to the future 2 -- just as good as the first one.

    french connection 2 -- good thriller as the first one.
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    I would say that Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was every bit as good as Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    Furthermore, I would say that The Last Crusade was almost as good as the first two. The fourth should not have been made, at least with a certain actor in the mix.

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    Barry, this thread has really gotten me thinking about movies that I love and have made part of my Blu-ray collection.

    Here are a few more that came to mind:
    Angels & Demons, to me, is every bit as good as The Da Vinci Code.
    National Treasure - Book of Secrets was just as enjoyable as the original, to me of course.

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    Great list and topic!

    I'll add that Friday the 13th II was the best of the franchise

    I agree Empire strikes back was the best of the original 3

    Back to the future 2 was good, but the original is still my favorite

    From what I remember Porky's 2 was pretty damn good too, as was Jackass 2.

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    Robocop 2 was dumb fun.
    Bourne Supremacy outdid the 1st in every way.
    And, laugh all you want, but Friday the 13th Part 2 was actually quite good, and WAY better than part I.
    Conan the Destroyer was also dumb fun and moved a lot quicker than the 1st. Plus, Grace Jones. (Though none of her music, sadly.)
    Lethal Weapon 2 was a huge improvement. Awesome bad guys, and really *the* high water mark for the cop buddy genre.
    The Road Warrior blew Mad Max away. That final chase? Amazing.

    But the best sequels have already been mentioned:

    Godfather II
    Empire Strikes back

    All three are nearly perfect movies.
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