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    February 14-17, 2017 Blu-ray Releases

    February 14, 2017 Blu-ray Releases
    • 23 Paces to Baker Street (Kino)
    • Arrival (Paramount)
    • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk (Sony Pictures)
    • Bleed for This (Universal)
    • Bodyguards: Secret of the Watchtower Men (Gravitas Ventures)
    • Busou Shinki (Sentai Filmworks)
    • Chilly Scenes of Winter (Twilight Time)
    • City of Dead Men (Gravitas Ventures)
    • Comet Lucifer (Sentai Filmworks)
    • Deep Water (Acorn Media)
    • Edge of Eternity (Twilight Time)
    • Embrace (Gravitas Ventures)
    • F1: How It Was (Music Video Distribution)
    • Interiors (Twilight Time)
    • It Came from Outer Space - 3D (Universal)
    • King Cobra (Shout Factory)
    • Kiss of Death (Twilight Time)
    • Love vs. Kentucky (Gravitas Ventures)
    • Mercy Street: Season 2 (PBS)
    • Nobunagun: The Complete Series S.A.V.E. (FUNimation Entertainment)
    • October Sky (Universal)
    • One Million Years B.C. (Kino)
    • Pig Pen (Dire Wit)
    • Priceless (Universal Studios)
    • Quarry: The Complete First Season (HBO)
    • Stake Land 2 (MPI)
    • Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Series (Paramount)
    • Steamboat Bill Jr./College (Kino Lorber)
    • Suddenly in the Dark (Mondo Macabro)
    • Sugar Skull Girls (SGL Entertainment)
    • The Babymoon (Gravitas Ventures)
    • The Edge of Seventeen (Universal)
    • The Ghost and Mr. Chicken (Universal)
    • The Yakuza (Warner Archive)
    • The Tree of Wooden Clogs (Criterion)

    February 17, 2017 Blu-ray Releases
    • Nash Bridges: The Fourth Season (Visual Entertainment Group)
    • Nash Bridges: The Third Season (Visual Entertainment Group)

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    I was waiting all day for this. I did not leave my computer!!!!!!! I can finally go to the bathroom.

    Seriously there are two small gems here. October Sky is a wonderful, true, small, intimate movie about a small mining town, families, fathers and sons and great teachers. I really enjoyed this movie. Laura Dern is wonderful, but so is everyone else.

    Chilly Scenes of Winter I loved many years ago. There were two versions of it and I wonder which one this will be. Amazon does not yet list this blu ray. I see where it is available.

    (And thanks again for listing!!!!)
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    Sorry to make you hold it for so long. You must have an iron bladder.

    It was a L----O----N----G day at work. Not really bad, just a long day.


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