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OK, I will admit to being a borderline 3D hater. I first saw the technology at CEDIA in 2010 and was not impressed. The need for glasses aside, the effect wasn't that great on the demo material that I saw and it tended to make me a little nauseous. However, I know there are people who really enjoy the feature and I am happy that they get some enjoyment out of their 3D experience.

So, now that 3D is on a downward spiral I see Visual Apex has Samsung Active Shutter 3D glasses for $19. According to the site, they are compatible with my Epson projector. For $19, I might pick up a couple of pairs if they aren't total junk.

Anyone know how these differ from the ones that are $89 each? I assume there is some difference in build quality.

Samsung SSG 3300CR for $19 - 3D Active Glasses Compatible with all Epson Active 3D - VisualApex 1.800.883.7495