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    March 21, 20017 Blu-ray Releases

    • A Game of Death (Kino)
    • A Great Wall (Kino Lorber)
    • A Kind of Murder (Magnolia)
    • Art Bastard (Passion River)
    • Assassin's Creed (20th Century Fox)
    • Assassin's Creed - 3D (20th Century Fox)
    • Attack on Titan: Junior High - The Complete Series (FUNimation Entertainment)
    • Attack on Titan: Junior High - The Complete Series Limited Edition (FUNimation Entertainment)
    • Bakery in Brooklyn (Gravitas Ventures)
    • Batman: The Brave and the Bold - The Complete Third Season (Warner Archive)
    • Being There (Criterion)
    • Ben Affleck 4-Film Collection (Warner Brothers)
    • Blast-Off (Olive Films)
    • Blazblue: Alter Memory - Complete Series S.A.V.E. (FUNimation Entertainment)
    • Chamber of Horrors (Kino)
    • Cinema Paradiso (Arrow Video) (Arrow Video)
    • Evolution (Scream Factory)
    • Fire at Sea (Kino Lorber)
    • Frankenstein Created Bikers (Big World Pictures)
    • Girls und Panzer: This Is the Real Anzio Battle! OVA (Sentai Filmworks)
    • Happy Yummy Chicken (Gravitas Ventures)
    • In Dubious Battle (Sony Pictures)
    • Insecure: The Complete First Season (HBO)
    • Invisible Ghost (Kino Lorber)
    • Julieta (Sony) <-Link to David Vaughn's Review
    • Lifeboat (Kino)
    • Live by Night (Warner Brothers)
    • Miss Sloane (20th Century Fox)
    • Multiple Maniacs (Criterion)
    • Other Madnesses (Gravitas Ventures)
    • Phaedra (Olive Films)
    • Property Is No Longer a Theft (Arrow Video)
    • RoboCop 2: Collector's Edition (Shout Factory)
    • RoboCop 3: Collector's Edition (Shout Factory)
    • Sing (Universal Studios)
    • Sing - 3D (Universal Studios)
    • Teen Witch (Kino)
    • The Alienators (Gravitas Ventures)
    • The Brokenwood Mysteries: Series 3 (Acorn Media)
    • The Cardinal (Olive Films)
    • The Delinquents (Olive Films)
    • Tower (Kino Lorber)
    • Won Ton Ton: The Dog who Saved Hollywood (Olive Films)
    • WWE 24: WrestleMania Monday (WWE Home Video)
    • WWE: Diamond Dallas Page - Positively Living (WWE Home Video)

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    "Frankenstein Created Bikers " Was that up for an Academy Award this year?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefisc View Post
    "Frankenstein Created Bikers " Was that up for an Academy Award this year?
    It was, but lost out to Happy Yummy Chicken. Everyone loves chicken.

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    Cinema Paradiso is a classic. For those who have not seen it, check it out.
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