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    Reboots, Sequels and the loss of Originality.

    TrippleJ said that he hates these reboots, stay with the originals.

    I agree, but I think we lost the war. I remember people disagreeing with me about Star Trek Into Darkness*. Yes, they rebooted Star Trek and returned to the older characters, but they also rewrote Star Trek II and III and even included some of the original dialogue. I felt for the movie to be worthwhile it had to be original. Others felt it just had to be “good.” The producers could not come up with a good enough “original” future time frame (as they did with the New Generation) so they returned us to the rebooted first one.*

    They remake the wrong movies. They should remake the BAD ones and leave the perfect ones alone. The Day the Earth Stood Still should not have been moved. A remake of Total Recall should have been forgotten and another Terminator should have been terminated. They keep remaking the really good movies that do not need to be remade.
    There were always remakes and sequels, some very good. The Wizard of Oz and Ben Hur (1959) were remakes. So was Heaven Can Wait. Bride of Frankenstein, Godfather 2, Goldfinger and The Empire Strikes Back were wonderful sequels.

    We will always see a new Sherlock Holmes and then a sequel, there will always be Bond movies and I suspect Superman will be coming to our screens forever too.
    But we are on overload now. Studios want franchisees, not individual movies that have endings! Originality seems to be a thing of the past in movies that cost over $100 million dollars. (Yes, that includes the Lone Ranger and John Carter.)

    And there really is a difference between a TV premise, of weekly episodes where characters are developed slowly, and a movie which tells a complete narrative in two hours. Sometimes they can translate, but the successful movie MASH was not really like the TV show and the same is true for the Odd Couple. Rather than come up with something new TV and the movies take from each other with very limited success. At best, the movies from TV shows can be good episodes featuring previously established characters. (Star Trek II, VI and IV and Sex in the City I).

    *I think that the middling Into Darkness hurt the reception for Star Trek Beyond.
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    Unfortunately, the studio's will try to get as much bang for the buck as possible by staying with those films that made tons of money in the past. While, I don't mind reboots that have original content, the one's where they just rehash old stories is not worth it as Barry mentions above.
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    Good Reboot - Star Trek Into Darkness, Batman Begins or really any Batman with Christian Bale
    Bad Reboot - The Lone Ranger, CHIPS - just a prediction based on that horrid trailer that TrippleJ posted

    There are many that I think are simply ok.

    Just my opinion.

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    now, with the success of "Beauty and the Beast" in regards to reboots of animated movies to real life characters, Disney is going to do 12 more!

    from tulsaworld,
    Mulan (Nov. 2, 2018)
    The Lion King (TBA)
    The Second Jungle Book (TBA)
    Dumbo (TBA)
    Aladdin (TBA)
    Christopher Robin (TBA)
    Cruella (TBA)
    Tinker Bell (TBA)
    Maleficent 2 (TBA)
    Pinocchio (TBA)
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (TBA)
    The Little Mermaid (TBA)

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    I am not surprised. You had better see them in theaters and then buy the Blu-ray before they get locked up in the Disney Vault.

    Do they still use that line?

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    while i agree there is way too much "franchising" or "rebooting", i also must admit that most of it entertains me a great deal.

    Reboots that I like:

    Godzilla (2014) & Kong-Skull Island - I am putting these together because they are leading to something. I thought Godzilla was fantastic! As for that 1998 attempt...see I made u think of something horrible. Kong - Skull Island was entertaining and I am glad they didnt lean so heavy on the damsel in distress aspect.

    Batman Trilogy - I thought Nolan did a superb job. The comic book movies I compare everything else too.

    Star Trek - Tons of fun to watch. Can they make it work without J.J.?

    Prometheus (Alien Reboot)- Yes, I know I am the only one. looking forward to Covenant.

    Man of Steel - This is yet another one where i am in the minority. u can have Reeve's Superman...lets not forget u have to include III and IV. U thought 1998 Godzilla was bad? how about 2006 Superman Returns?!

    Honorable mentions:

    Terminator Salvation - i enjoyed it, not sure what everyones problem with it was. Better than Genisys!

    Garfield's Spiderman - again, i was entertained. not sure what people wanted from it. maybe he was too old? anyway, might have been the best thing for him after seeing him in Silence and Hacksaw Ridge.


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