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    Needed: Correct HDMI wires (2.2)

    I am having a frustrating problem with HDMI wires that are going from my Marantz 7011 to my 4k LG TV.

    When I did not get an image, I called Marantz tech support and they said, correctly, that I needed HDMI 2.2 wires and it was best if they were certified.

    None on Amazon that I saw claimed to be certified, although I bought four, who had good responses, and two worked and two didn’t.

    Can anyone recommend, and perhaps point to on Amazon, wires that are good and perhaps certified. I will need one meter and two meter ones.

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    I seem to recall David playing the cable game when he installed his 4K player. I'm sure he will chime in.

    However, it's sad that a regular cable won't work at one meter.

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    You might try "" for your cable and connector needs. My last HT upgrade required that I replace many of my connectors and cables, especially the receiver to TV HDMI cable vs. my old component cable connection. Monoprice has a pretty good selection of HDMI cables in various lengths, wire thickness, quality levels and price ranges. Good luck!

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    Barry, how long of lengths do you need? 4K signals are very troubling for HDMI cables, especially at longer distances. These Monoprice cables should work:

    They go up to 25 feet and I've tested them and they do work.
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