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    new multispeaker set up

    Hi y'all 1st time poster. So I bought a new house and it has speakers built into the ceilings. There are 3 rooms with 2 speakers each, so 6 speakers total (all the same white round speakers). I need to buy an amp for these but I don't know the wattage, impedance or sensitivity. What do I need know to select the correct amp and how do I find that information (mind you the ceilings are 18ft high)? Then from that information how do I select and amp? Thanks in advanced.

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    Is there any way you can contact the previous owner to get some information about them?

    They could be wired together as a whole home music system, the two rooms could be wired separately, or you could have six different sets of individual speaker wires. It all makes a difference is what type of amplification is needed. Many whole home systems use a dedicated distribution amplifier connected to an AVR or another audio source.

    Either that or see if you have an AV installer in your area and have them take a look.

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    Oh, I forgot, it's good to have you posting on the forum.

    Please let us know what you find out.

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    Hi there thanks for the reply. The house is new built so no prev owner. Also my mistake, i missed 1 room with 2 speakers. The kitchen, living room and family room are adjacent on the 1st floor, each with 2 speakers, and the basement recreation room has 2 speakers so it's actually 8 speakers total as shown in red on the floor plan. All of the wires are marshaled up to the 1st floor TV room. They're labelled: rec room, rear right/rear left, kitchen, living room, family room. I understand all the wires except the ones labelled rear right/rear left (which seems like extras).
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    OK, that makes sense.

    It looks like you have four pairs of stereo speakers, two in each of the four rooms. The rear left and right wires are most likely where they went ahead and pre-wired two more speakers for a future home theater setup in one room, but didn't install the speakers.

    Do you have a volume control in each room?

    So right now, you have 8 channels. So, you would need an amp with at least 8 channels or multiple amps to add up to at least that. Add two more if you want to have a home theater in the future, but you could always add additional amps when needed. There are lots of ways to do it.

    Of course, you really need to find out the make and model of the speakers. Specifically ohm rating and how much power they have. For now, if you have an audio receiver, you could hook it up to a room and see how they sound.

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    Cool. yea i thought it was pre-wired for future speakers but not yet installed. I wonder where they lead..... So i guess i need a huge ladder and take a look at the speakers.

    I have no volume control, those speaker wires terminate to nothing.

    Instead of an 8 channel amp can i buy a higher wattage 2 channel amp and a speaker selector like the linked below? I'll keep you posted thanks for the help.

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    I have no experience with that type of speaker switch. However, my fear would be the amp being damaged by the drop in impedance of the speaker load. However, that particular switch says it covers that situation.

    To be on the safe side, if you don't already have an amp get one that can support a 4-ohm load.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kng View Post
    Hi there thanks for the reply. The house is new built so no prev owner.
    That's pretty sweet, since installing these after the fact is a big hassle, plus expensive. Having speakers throughout your home is awesome.

    Keep posting here and you'll get all the info you need. I'd love for you to update us on how things go.

    Also, welcome to the forum
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    took one off the ceiling and this is the spec, nvr herd of the brand before though. Name:  IMG_20170526_012250.jpg
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    I never heard of that brand either, and I can't find any info on them. I suspect they are "contractor grade" speakers.

    Have you had a chance to hook up a receiver to a pair and see how they sound? If you have one pair running at a time, most any receiver will work. It's when you try and drive more than one pair at a time that you run into problems.

    I'm really surprised that they didn't install a volume control in each room for that room's speakers.


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