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I am the reining champion at my kid's Methodist preschool in Santa Monica for the yearly chili cook-off but I've been recruited to the next level.

On Saturday, our school has a crazy, old-school town fair where all of the parents and teachers invite the entire neighborhood over for some traditional fun. Rides, games, music, food. The parents and teachers ALL donate their time and effort to give back to the community. Its been the same way since 1952. Its pretty crazy.

I will be selling lemonade (that's not some sick code for something - I really will be selling lemonade) but my real work will in on display in the chili cook-off where I will go against 7 other men in a battle of MEAT.

Note: in the photo I have 11 pounds of beef to start. 7 pounds of 22% beef and 5 pounds of prime ribeye cubed in 1/4s. I use my spaghetti sauce (which I made specially for this chili) a mix of chili spices that's pre-made that I like and Ancho chili powder from Hatch, NM that I order in specially (very Bobby Flay of me). The chili is cooked for a long time and will be reheated at the event. I have 5 pounds of 6 month aged Spanish Manchego cheese and salsa fresca that includes a few hot serene peppers and a few shots of good, 7-year anjeo tequila.

Wish me luck as I am playing to win. I have no idea what the competition is going to be like.

You know the ironic thing? I don't really eat red meat anymore.