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Well, don't want to take this one off the tracks... but here we go.

1. I'm an independent voter as I think political parties are about 80% of the problems themselves right now. I don't ever want to lock myself into a party in case someone runs that I actually think would do an OK job (I've lowered my standards after last Novembers choices). Honestly, I would be happy with a choice next time that I felt one of the two could at least do a "mediocre" job.

2. If you want the Republicans to impress me (for that matter Democrats) - when they finally come up with a "new" health plan... I believe in it when they all vote to ALL participate in the plan they come up with.

3. I hate being cynical, but it's a damn shame our best and brightest (regardless of party) have zero desire to run for office anymore.

Nelson Pass and his team however - NAILED IT!