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Disney's Born In China, narrated by John Krasinski, transports audiences to some of the world’s most extreme environments of China where few people have ever ventured to witness wildly intimate and adorable moments in the lives of three animal families - a doting panda bear mother, a 2-year-old golden snub-nosed monkey, and a mother snow leopard. It is the seventh theatrical release from Disneynature, which brings the world’s top nature filmmakers together to share wildlife stories that engage, inspire and educate.

My Thoughts
On Earth Day each year, Disney releases a documentary showcasing some remarkable animals from our planet that I’ve enjoyed over the years, but Born in China is probably their best effort yet. It’s extremely entertaining and informative and its 79-minute runtime flies by as you get to see various animals from China. It’s hard to pick my favorite animal from this group because I learned so much from each that it’s a virtual tie.

Video 5/5 (AVC)

Audio 4/5 (DTS-MA 5.1)

Special Features:

  • Panda Suits & Bamboo Shoots
  • Walking With Monkeys
  • Masters of Camouflage
  • Wading Through Wetlands
  • “Everything, Everything” Music Video by American Authors
  • Disneynature: Get Inspired, Get Involved
  • UV Digital Copy

If you like nature documentaries, then be sure to pick this one up. It’s extremely well done and will teach you about some beautiful animals we share our planet with. Furthermore, the 1080p encode is the die for and will showcase the video prowess of your system. Highly recommended.