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Apple announced several new products today. It was the first announcement event in the newly dubbed "Steve Jobs Theater". The one new product that home theater nuts are going to be most interested in is the new Apple TV.

The new Apple TV is a supped-up version that handles 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision, right out of the box. The 4K version will come in two different "flavors", didn't they used to call all the different iPod colors and before that the first iMacs, flavors?

There will be a 32 GB version for $179, $199 for the 64GB version. Apple says that the new Apple TVs will have faster processors, providing twice the processing speed of the previous model and four times the graphics speed.

If this isn't enough, Apple says they are actively adding new 4K content and will automatically upgrade any HD iTunes purchase to 4K.

In case you missed the live announcement, here's a link. You can skip ahead to 43:40 for info in the 4K Apple TV.

Any Apple TV users out there? Are you planning on buying the 4K version? The upgrade offer sounds pretty good.