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    Best Power Amp

    Hi I have the Goldenear Triton Ones, along with the Marantz 8802a preamp. My vintage Hafler Transnova 9500 lost the right channel, so I am looking for a new amp. This time I decided I want to get monoblocks. First I am looking at the Ati-6002, it has got great reviews from several magazines, I think the biggest complaint was the lack of audio jewelry. The unit is suppose to be a dual mono design in single chassis, with two power cords, two breakers, two power supplies, two transformers. I don't know if you lose anything by being in a single chassis, hopefully someone can elaborate on that for me. Next is the Parasound JC1 monoblocks. They also have excellent reviews, they continue to be on Stereophiles recommended components list. They also offer the first 25 watts in pure class A. My only fear is they have been around time, since 2003 and I am wondering if they will be refreshed soon? Next is the PS Audio BHK 300, they are a hybrid design, got a good review from Stereophile, but not stellar like the JC1. My problem is to hear these amps I would have to drive 5 hours each way. So I am hoping someone will have experience with these three amps, and tell me the pros and cons of each, so I can make the best decision to pair with the Triton Ones. I do use my system 50 percent 2 channel listening, and the other 50 percent home theater. Thanks for the help. Audiophileman.

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    JC-1s are VERY GOOD and run in class-A for the first 25 watts.

    Sandy Gross runs class-A amps when he does demos of his gear at shows. Pass Labs, a personal favorite of mine.

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    Well, with the Triton ones - it's not like you are pushing those woofers since they have internal amps for that.

    Assuming you have great sources for music, and a pre-amp you really like. I would focus on quality over quantity.

    JC1's are nice.

    If you can swing a pass labs, say the 150.8, or even one of the class A amps, I suspect it's all the power you need.

    Pass for me, just has that midrange magic. Jerry knows of what he speaks.

    As a note, I have an 8802A pre-amp. It's good.

    But for music, the pass XP12 was a HUGE upgrade. I was shocked.
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    I have dreams of Pass Labs amps.


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