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    Hi John1000, welcome to the forum.

    I bet the 705 S2s sound fantastic, especially when mated with a sub. I would love to hear a pair.

    I find that a lot of bookshelf speakers lack the same level of dynamic punch when compared to tower speakers. Towers usually have three or more drivers which have more driver mass than a smaller two driver bookshelf speaker. It's not that the smaller speaker can't play loud, but sometimes there is a lack of fullness and punch to the sound especially when they sit in larger rooms.

    Have you had a chance to compare a pair of 705 S2s to the 702 S2s in a larger room? I'm not saying this is the case, I'm just wondering.

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    In my local hifi emporium yes. The 702 S2s sounded overfull & warmer (even overwarm) by comparison with the mids & highs not so beautifully delineated. I kept wanting to raise them up a touch with elevated spikes & use kimber cable on them (& replace the xover parts with super premium ones). The 705s had a B&W sub but not one of their top ones. I understand your point regarding floor standers but feel the 702 S2s need quite a bit of fiddling with to sound their best. They were new & perhaps not broken in but then too so were the 705s.

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    Disappointed with the tweeter of the 702 S2 that turns out to be tiring... Is Harsh..

    I bought in the new 702 S2. I noticed that the middle range of the speaker and the bass is little better. However, the tweeter is strident, I notice some noise and lacking sweetness... Which kills the speaker All. I've heard the speaker 702 S2 with an Amp Marantz, Amp Accuphase and Hegel H360 and there's the same problem. The tweeter is Harsh and grueling. It has extension, only with cello or violin.

    I already had CM8, CM9, CM10 S2 and now 702 S2, I am disappointed with the tweeter that turns out to be tiring.
    There is also a site that considers the same problem !!

    The site is:

    Who has the Cm10 S2 in my opinion is not worth the change ... More balanced the Cm10 S2. And as i sad: I am disappointed with the tweeter of the 702 S2 that turns out to be tiring. ... Which kills the speaker All…

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    Helder, welcome to the forum. How long have you owned the 702 S2s and about how many hours would you say that you've used them?

    I'm wondering if what you are hearing is simply a case of the drivers haven't completely broken in just yet. I don't own a pair and my listening was limited, so I thought it might be part of what you are hearing.

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    It's a three-way ported design that sports a 1 inch Decoupled Carbon Dome high-frequency driver, a 6 inch Continuum cone FST midrange
    I guess there is info on the BW site - but just for kicks - what about the port? Is it a rear-facing duct like so many other BWs? Does BW ship a foam damping plug for use with it?

    Is there is internal anti resonance architecture....? Is the mid range driver isolated from bass enclosures?

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    The port is in the back.

    The manual shows a two-piece port plug. You can insert the entire plug to effectively create a sealed enclosure or remove the center part of the plug and insert the outer piece.

    The brochure mentions that the midrange driver is in fact decoupled.

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