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    Hi John1000, welcome to the forum.

    I bet the 705 S2s sound fantastic, especially when mated with a sub. I would love to hear a pair.

    I find that a lot of bookshelf speakers lack the same level of dynamic punch when compared to tower speakers. Towers usually have three or more drivers which have more driver mass than a smaller two driver bookshelf speaker. It's not that the smaller speaker can't play loud, but sometimes there is a lack of fullness and punch to the sound especially when they sit in larger rooms.

    Have you had a chance to compare a pair of 705 S2s to the 702 S2s in a larger room? I'm not saying this is the case, I'm just wondering.

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    In my local hifi emporium yes. The 702 S2s sounded overfull & warmer (even overwarm) by comparison with the mids & highs not so beautifully delineated. I kept wanting to raise them up a touch with elevated spikes & use kimber cable on them (& replace the xover parts with super premium ones). The 705s had a B&W sub but not one of their top ones. I understand your point regarding floor standers but feel the 702 S2s need quite a bit of fiddling with to sound their best. They were new & perhaps not broken in but then too so were the 705s.


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