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    Optoma UHD-60 4K for under $2K

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    Optoma has announced two new projectors, the UHD 65 and the UHD 60. The company is classifying both as "True 4K" projectors.

    They both use a new 4K DLP chip from Texas Instruments that says projects a resolution of 3840x2160 on the screen. However, the chip itself has an array of 2716x1528 micro-mirrors, using their version of pixel-shifting technology to project the 4K image.

    I suppose we can debate if this truly is 4K or not but the asking price of the UHD 60 certainly is attractive. Retail on the UHD 60 is $1999 and as of this posting, Amazon has it listed in stock at $1927.44.

    Both projectors are capable of displaying High Dynamic Range video with the differences being the specs on light output, contrast, and the color wheel used. Here's the basic breakdown.

    UHD60 vs UHD65

    Output in ANSI Lumens
    2200 vs 3000

    1,000,000:1 vs 1,200,000:1

    Frame Interpolation
    No vs Yes

    Color Wheel

    Case Color
    White vs Black

    $1,999 vs $2,499

    You can see there's not a huge difference in the two models.

    The UHD 60 is available from retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and a few online camera stores while the UHD 65 is currently selling at the online projectors stores like

    For more detailed information about the UHD 60, visit the manufacturer's product page.

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    I know some scoff at DLP front projection but I never had a major issue with it. Since owning a DLP projector, there have been major advancements in color wheel speed and the number of color segments that are used. Would you consider DLP at this point in the game?

    I am eager to read some reviews and would love to read comparisons to the entry level JVC and Sony.

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    Kris Deering looksd at this projector and I'm pretty sure he said there were some significant issues with it.
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