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    Wireless speaker setup advice needed

    Hi. I am new to this website. I am not sure if I am posting this question in the right spot so my apologies in advance. My dad and I are talking about the possibility of doing a wireless sound system or speaker setup in my room. My room is bigger due to our expansion of the house a few years back. My father is looking at a Sonos solution, but I do not know the model of that system at this time. I am a PC gamer and music listener so I am looking for a possible wireless solution that will work with PC games, music, and HD and 4K movies. I am trying to find out how many speakers and subwoofers I may need to fill up my room with sound, where to position the equipment, what receiver or audio input switch device I should consider to route my computer, TV, Blu Ray Player, cable box, and Roku system to the speakers and a possible price tag for the setup. I am providing an MS Paint attachment labeling the dimensions of my room as well as the positions of my computer, TV, and bed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Welcome to the forum. Can you upload a larger image? I can't read the dimensions on this one.

    Have you set a budget for this system? You mention a wireless system, wireless speakers aren't really my thing but maybe I can assist with the other components.

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    I have created a larger sized image of the room layout. However, after several attempts, this forum is for some reason listing the image in the same size as my first attachment. Would it be possible if you could tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bespin View Post
    I have created a larger sized image of the room layout. However, after several attempts, this forum is for some reason listing the image in the same size as my first attachment. Would it be possible if you could tell me how to fix this problem? Thanks.
    What size is the file on your computer?

    I just double-checked our image settings. As long as your .jpg file isn't larger than 10MB, it should show up at actual size.

    Yours is 8.6 KB which is really small. If you are sure the image is larger than that and can't get it to post properly, email it to me and I will see if I can make it work. I will message you my forum email address.

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    Here is a formatted version of the room layout. Hopefully the picture is big enough.
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    Yes, this image is easily readable.

    So, are you looking to set up a traditional 5.1 system? Meaning a Front Left, Right and Center with Left and Right surrounds and a sub.

    A soundbar in the front with a sub?

    Both could work in your room but I am unsure about the best wireless option.

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    I do not know what your financial situation is and what exactly you want out of your system. But I just recently set up a Sonos system with a sound bar and surroundsound and the sub woofer. We also set up additional speakers throughout the house. We attach the Sonos to a CD player and record player so that music can be heard throughout the entire house too. Please feel free to ask any questions about this system
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    Especially since he mentioned Sonos, which I have no experience, I'm glad you jumped in, Barry.

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    I would also recommend the Sonos.. Lot of my friends have it and it is great..
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    I apologize for the delay in my response. I have asked for your input because I am not certain whether a 5.1, 6.1, 7.1 or some other set up would work best with my room's layout. The two positions in the room that I will occupy most of my time with will be in the spots where the computer and bed are listed. The bed is located right across from my TV as shown in the illustration. All I do know is that I am looking for a wireless solution that can fill my room with sound using a recommended number of wireless speakers, a subwoofer (two subwoofers if necessary), and a receiver to input audio from my computer, TV, Roku, cable box, and Blu Ray player. Bluetooth capability for phone calls would be a nice bonus. I do not have a specific brand in mind so I am open to suggestions such as Bose, Sonos, Onkyo, etc., but I am looking for a setup that is reliable and can handle audio from various genres of music (rock, pop, classical, new age, etc.), movies and TV shows, and PC gaming. Pricewise I will start at $1000 or less. If possible, would you be able to tell me where I could position the speakers on the diagram based on your recommended sound systems? Thanks.


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