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    LG's OLED Canyon at CES

    I know that many were down on CES this year due to its lack of the specialty AV brands we as home theater enthusiasts thrive on. However, LG's OLED Canyon would have been an amazing demo to see.

    The display was made from 246 OLED displays and spanned 92 feet long. While this may normally be impressive enough, the company built the display from what they are calling frameless OLED "Wallpaper". The individual panels were ultra-thin only about the thickness of a credit card.

    From the LG Press Page:

    Welcoming visitors to LG’s sprawling CES booth adjacent to the main entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center, the LG OLED Canyon features 90 concave and 156 convex Open Frame 4K UHD screens. Visitors walk through the 30-yard-long twisting canyon trail and experience alluring images produced by a total of two billion self-emissive OLED pixels. The incredible video experience, featuring impactful natural wonders such as a forest, glacier, waterfall and blizzard, is further enhanced by immersive Dolby Atmos audio, which also is included in 2018 LG OLED TVs for the consumer market
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    WOW, I can't wait until this hits the market and becomes affordable.

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    The Key word is affordable !

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    Quote Originally Posted by old dust View Post
    The Key word is affordable !
    Isn't that the truth. I suspect we will see this first as a commercial application but it sure would be cool to have an ultra thin panel of this type mounted to the wall at home.

    The big thing would be how to hide the wiring.

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    yes, price is key for it to sell but it is nice to look at from afar.
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    Imagine folks thoughts if they had seen this 10 years ago!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerrich View Post
    Imagine folks thoughts if they had seen this 10 years ago!
    Yesterday's Science Fiction is today's technology. Video calling, holograms, robots, voice assistance on common devices, and interactive glass top computers.

    It's a great time to be alive.


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